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  • World’s Easiest One-touch Airdrop

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  • World’s Easiest One-touch Airdrop

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CLET Investing ICOs Directly from CLET

  • Proven ICO

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Updated CLET Community

  • Various blockchain news

    Enjoy a wide range of contents in the newly added content area, including YouTube videos, blogs and card news related to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  • Check domestic and foreign events and meetup at a glance

    Check out CLET for offline events such as meetups, conferences, and other events related to cryptocurrency(virtual currency).

  • Read blockchain news in one place

    It’s easy to read real-time news on popular cryptocurrency media at home and abroad.

Alliance services (B2B)

Go ahead with effective ICO marketing with CLET

  • Accurate target customer inflow Airdrop event
    e-mail & push
    community support
  • Deliver the correct message Operate Kakaotalk plus friend, support
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    and respond to 1:1 messages
  • Expanding Marketing Areas PR press release, meet-up and event
    agent, appearance on Internet
    broadcasting and introduction


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