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What is CLET?

It is hard to secure reliable information from ICO investments.
There are numerous cryptocurrency wallets, but they are difficult to use.

CLET is an ICO platform as well as a cryptocurrency wallet service
that provides verified information.
  • ICO introduced by the team
  • A real-time air drop event
  • Interaction between users through group chats*
  • ICO participation*
*The function will be implemented later.

CLET Characteristics

  • A convenient ICO participation

    Participate in the ICO more quickly than ever with the CLET cryptocurrency wallet

    *The function will be implemented later.
  • Verified ICO information

    Complete verification by ICO experts. We introduce to you a reliable ICO.

CLET Features

  • A friendly and convenient UI
  • A nuclear application of UUNIFUL CHAIN
  • Advertisements focused on specific targets

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